Why DigiPli

Why We’re Different

Financial institutions have a myriad of choices when selecting a professional services firm. However, DigiPli was founded by former Compliance and AML professionals who understand the issues and challenges facing financial institutions operating in this complex and ever-changing environment. And that’s our sole focus. With DigiPli, you’ll get:


Advice and ongoing support from Compliance and AML specialists with decades of industry experience.


Access to our relationships with system vendors, RPA ‘bot installers and AI Overlay providers, whose solutions can optimize your processes and controls


Insights and assistance in selecting and deploying Compliance and AML SaaS applications, data providers and related solutions that will deliver the best results for the best value

Who We Can Help

Our Solutions are geared towards helping small to mid-size financial institutions take advantage of next-generation technologies and approaches to solve traditional Compliance and AML challenges. This includes:

Brokerage & Trading Firms

Commercial & Savings Banks


Money Service Businesses

Investment Banks

Investment Funds & Advisors